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Assessing Multilingual Learners

  • Title:Assessing Multilingual Learners: A Month-by-Month Guide (ASCD Arias)
  • Author:Margo Gottlieb
  • Publication Date:June 2017
  • ISBN:9781416624509
  • Publisher:ASCD

While students who enter a new school must learn to adapt to a new situation, multilingual students who enter a new school must often first learn to adapt to a new country and a new language—and they must be assessed along with their peers. In Assessing Multilingual Learners, author Margo Gottlieb presents the story of Ana, a newcomer to the United States and the American school system and, in a month-by-month format, reveals how assessment affects students, teachers, families, and school leaders. This book shows teachers how to collect, analyze, and act upon data about multilingual learners, with the goal of improving instruction for this large and growing population of students.

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