Multiple Intelligences of Reading and Writing, The

  • Title:The Multiple Intelligences of Reading and Writing: Making the Words Come Alive
  • Author:Thomas Armstrong
  • Publication Date:April 2003
  • Grade Level:K-12
  • ISBN:9780871207180
  • Publisher:ASCD

To ensure your reading instruction is effective with all students—even those who are not particularly strong in linguistic intelligence—integrate the multiple intelligences approach from this book into your everyday practices.

Using the pioneering theories of Howard Gardner, Thomas Armstrong explains lots of easy ways to tap the intellectual strengths of all students:

  • Physical activities that help students process the shapes of letters and the meaning of text and words
  • Songs, rhythms, chants, and music that help teach spelling, punctuation, and vocabulary
  • Images and art activities that help students learn word meanings, interpret text, and write more descriptively
  • Group discussions and activities that encourage students to explore letter sounds, build vocabulary, and develop their writing skills

Regardless of whether your program emphasizes direct instruction, phonics, literature experiences, or an integrated approach, this book has hundreds of strategies, tips, and resources you can use to boost literacy in every grade level and ability group.

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