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Fourth-Grade Math: Month-to-Month Guide (CD Included)

  • Title:Fourth-Grade Math: Month-to-Month Guide (CD Included)
  • Author:Lainie Schuster
  • Publication Date:October 2008
  • Grade Level:4
  • ISBN:9780941355834
  • Publisher:Math Solution

In A Month-to-Month Guide: Fourth-Grade Math, a master classroom teacher offers fourth-grade teachers a practical resource for planning a year of math instruction that will inspire students to enjoy mathematics and develop thinking, reasoning, and problem-solving skills. Each chapter features a mathematical topic to be explored through a rich variety of tried-and-true classroom activities. Topics of study include problem solving, numeration and place value, geometry, measurement, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, algebraic thinking, and more.

A CD with 100+ printable, reproducible activities is included!

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