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Math Dictionary for Kids (5/e)

  • Title:Math Dictionary for Kids: The Essential Guide to Math Terms, Strategies, and Tables (5/e)
  • Author:Theresa Fitzgerald
  • Publication Date:June 2014
  • Grade Level:4-9
  • ISBN:9781618216175
  • Publisher:Prufrock Press

Equipped with this handy, updated reference of more than 400 full-color, illustrated definitions, children will be able to quickly find the definitions and illustrated examples that will enable them to solve many of the math challenges they face. Covering everything from “addend” to “zero,” the fourth edition of the best-selling Math Dictionary for Kids gives students in grades 4–9 definitions, illustrations, and examples that can help them solve math problems.

This handbook includes illustrated, concise explanations of the most common terms used in general math classes, categorized by subjects that include measurement, algebra, geometry, fractions and decimals, statistics and probability, and problem solving. This newly updated edition also discusses how students can use manipulatives and basic math tools to improve their understanding and includes handy measurement conversion tables. Each term has a concise definition and an example or illustration. This is a guide that needs to be in every child’s desk.

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