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Mastering Academic Language

  • Title:Mastering Academic Language: A Framework for Supporting Student Achievement
  • Author:Debbie Zacarian
  • Publication Date:December 2012
  • Grade Level:K-12
  • ISBN:9781452255439
  • Publisher:Corwin Press

The achievement gap is a language gap—and you can bridge it!

As teachers, we take the language of school—academic language—for granted. But for many of our students, academic language is more than a new language. It is the "make or break" skill for school success. This exciting and much-needed book shows how teachers can help students become fluent, confident speakers of academic language.

Debbie Zacarian shares a step-by-step, research-based approach to scaffolding K-12 instruction for students who do not have the language and literacy skills that are needed in school. Readers will find:

  • Practical teaching strategies based on the four key facets of academic language fluency
  • Richly detailed case studies about students’ experiences with academic language across the content areas
  • Guidance on family involvement
  • Thought-provoking study questions, along with performance assessment tools

An ideal resource for school- and district-wide Common Core initiatives, this book provides teachers with the foundation and tools to ensure an equitable education for all students.


Author Bio

Debbie Zacarian is known nationally for her work in advancing student achievement, policies, programming and professional development with schools. She is a popular and frequent speaker at national and international conferences of major education organizations, as well as state conferences throughout the United States.

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