Make Virtual Learning Matter

  • Title:Make Virtual Learning Matter: How to Turn Virtual Classrooms Into a Remarkable, Authentic Experience for Kids
  • Author:Jacob Mnookin, Paul Axtell
  • Publication Date:December 2020
  • ISBN:9781728242392
  • Publisher:Source Books Inc.

While few things can replace in-person learning, virtual learning can create an extraordinary opportunity for students. In fact, often more immediate, flexible, and for many students growing up and learning in this virtual age, more authentic: virtual learning, when yielded properly, can create amazing results.

So how can you make Virtual Learning a force for good in your child's life?

From education expert Jacob Mnookin and virtual meeting expert Paul Axtell, comes a tool to ensure virtual learning at its finest. Together with our children and their teachers, we can help ensure that our kids are back on track, learning as they would be in a school building.

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