Language-Rich Classroom, The

  • Title:The Language-Rich Classroom: A Research-Based Framework for Teaching English Language Learners
  • Author:Persida Himmele, William Himmele
  • Publication Date:January 2009
  • ISBN:9781416608417
  • Publisher:ASCD

Because it takes more than just a single teacher—or group of teachers—to raise the academic achievement of English language learners (ELLs), you need this book’s schoolwide framework to help all ELLs reach their full potential. Discover a way to empower all teachers—even those with no formal training in ESL—with a research-based approach that includes:

  • Content reading strategies that help ELLs overcome the challenges of academic reading.
  • Ways to develop the higher-order thinking skills of ELLs, so they read for deeper meaning and demonstrate their understandings.
  • Tools for informally assessing the progress of ELLs through all five stages of language proficiency.
  • Techniques for increasing the active participation of ELLs.
  • Scaffolds that help second-language learners take on more challenging and demanding content.

To help teachers use this framework right away, the authors include lots of field-tested unit and lesson planning worksheets, assessment logs, and instructional steps.

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