Keep Climbing, Girls

  • Title:Keep Climbing, Girls (Hardcover)
  • Author:Beah Richards
    Illustrated by Gregory Christie
  • Publication Date:January 2006
  • ISBN:9781416902645
  • Publisher:Simon & Schuster

The only way to make a bid
for a girl's equality is to climb right up to the
toppermost bough
of the very tallest tree.

The dynamic ode to girl power was written by noted Afro-American actor, poet, and playwright Beah E. Richards. First published in 1951, her poem is given new life in this edition that includes an introduction by LisaGay Hamilton and stunning illustrations by R. Gregory Christie. With its inspirational messsage, this book will empower children with the realization that "the path of life goes up and up/not down!"

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