Infusing Grammar Into the Writer's Workshop

  • Title:Infusing Grammar Into the Writer's Workshop: A Guide for K-6 Teachers
  • Author:Amy Benjamin, Barbara Golub
  • Publication Date:August 2015
  • Grade Level:K-6
  • ISBN:9781138832121
  • Publisher:Eye on Education

Help your students improve their language skills and become stronger readers and writers. In this timely book, literacy experts Amy Benjamin and Barbara Golub offer best practices for fortifying the writer’s workshop model with meaningful, relevant instruction in grammar.

The book answers questions such as…

  • What does a writer’s workshop look like and how does it fit into balanced literacy models? How does grammar fit into a writer’s workshop?
  • How can you use natural language acquisition to transition children from non-Standard to Standard English patterns?
  • How can you teach students to identify a complete sentence?
  • What are effective ways to teach parts of speech?
  • How can you build on nouns and verbs to teach adjectives, adverbs, prepositional phrases, and dependent clauses?

In each chapter, you’ll find out exactly what teaching the targeted concept looks like in a workshop classroom. Examples are provided for different grade levels and can be adapted as necessary to meet your needs.

This book is a No-Worksheet Zone. You’ll learn how to present grammar using authentic text and talk, leading to more durable learning.


Author Bio

Amy Benjamin, a veteran English teacher, trains educators throughout the country in writing across the curriculum, strategic literacy, and differentiated instruction. She has received awards for excellence in teaching from the New York State English Council, Tufts University, and Union College. As president of the Assembly for the Teaching of English Grammar, an affiliate of the National Council of Teachers of English, she is a leading authority on effective ways for teaching both academic and creative writing.

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