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  • Title:Improving Comprehension with Think Aloud Strategies: Modeling What Good Readers Do (2/e)
  • Author:Jeff Wilhelm
  • Publication Date:January 2013
  • Grade Level:4 & Up
  • ISBN:9780545218832
  • Publisher:Scholastic

Think aloud as you read from a novel, a textbook, or any other kind of book and watch your students become confident, fluent, readers! With this simple, powerful technique, you can show students how you use strategies such as inferring, visualizing, and summarizing. Finally students can "see" what good readers do and apply it to their own reading process. Think alouds are great for struggling readers, because they make reading an active, social experience. The updated and revised edition is aligned with Common Core State Standards and includes a DVD demonstrating think aloud strategies at work in classrooms.

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