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Improving Adolescent Literacy

  • Title:Improving Adolescent Literacy: An RTI Implementation Guide
  • Author:Pamela Craig, Rebecca Sarlo
  • Publication Date:November 2011
  • Grade Level:6-12
  • ISBN:9781596672048
  • Publisher:Eye on Education

Meet your students' literacy needs with this book from Pamela Craig and Rebecca Sarlo. Literacy experts Craig and Sarlo explain how the implementation of a Problem Solving/Response to Intervention framework in grades 4-12 will help all students greatly improve their reading skills. Written for secondary teachers and administrators, the book shows how to use PS/RTI as a tool for

  • establishing achievable goals
  • identifying barriers
  • developing action plans
  • monitoring the effectiveness of the intervention

Each chapter includes research-based resources and practical guidance to ensure success.

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