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Handbook for the Art and Science of Teaching, A

  • Title:A Handbook for the Art and Science of Teaching
  • Author:John Brown, Robert Marzano
  • Publication Date:2009
  • Grade Level:K-12
  • ISBN:9781416608189
  • Publisher:ASCD

Implementing the action steps from ASCD's best-seller The Art and Science of Teaching is much easier when you use this in-depth resource for workshops, professional learning communities, teacher training, and self-help. Hundreds of samples, guidelines, checklists, and activities help teachers in all grades and subjects become instant experts on Robert Marzano's breakthrough framework for effective instruction. A series of 25 modules equips any classroom teacher with a logical planning sequence that ensures you

  • Establish learning goals and track progress.
  • Help students interact with new knowledge, test hypotheses, and develop deep understandings.
  • Engage students and plan good lessons and units.
  • Establish good classroom management and effective relationships with students.
  • Communicate high expectations for learning.

Each module consists of easy-to-follow steps that include:

  • Reflective self-assessments.
  • Concrete examples in various grades and subjects.
  • Multiple strategies for enacting your plan.
  • A quick review to ensure that the learning from the handbook sticks.

Author Bio

Dr. Robert J. Marzano is the cofounder and CEO of Marzano Research Laboratory in Denver, Colorado. Throughout his forty years in the field of education, he has become a speaker, trainer, and author of more than thirty books and 150 articles on topics such as instruction, assessment, writing and implementing standards, cognition, effective leadership, and school intervention. His practical translations of the most current research and theory into classroom strategies are internationally known and widely practiced by both teachers and administrators.

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