Guided Math in Action

  • Title:Guided Math in Action: Building Each Student's Mathematical Proficiency with Small-Group Instruction
  • Author:Nicki Newton
  • Publication Date:February 2013
  • Grade Level:K-5
  • ISBN:9781596672352
  • Publisher:Eye on Education

Teachers, coaches, and supervisors will learn how to help elementary school students build mathematical proficiency with standards-based, differentiated, small-group instruction with the strategies in this book.

Both novice and veteran educators will gain in-depth knowledge for conducting effective guided math lessons, scaffolding learning in small groups, and assessing student learning. Lots of actual templates, graphic organizers, black-line masters, detailed lesson plans, and student work samples are included, as well as vignettes of mini-lessons, center time, small guided math groups, and share time.

This practical, hands-on guide will help you...

  • Understand the framework of Guided Math lessons
  • Gain an in-depth look at the role of assessment throughout the Guided Math process
  • Develop an action plan to get started immediately

This is a must-have resource for all educators looking for a structure to teach small groups in math that meet the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics.

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