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Formative Assessment Leadership

  • Title:Formative Assessment Leadership: Identify, Plan, Apply, Assess, Refine
  • Author:Karen L. Sanzo, Steve Myran, John Caggiano
  • Publication Date:September 2014
  • ISBN:9780415744669
  • Publisher:Eye On Education/Taylor & Francis

This exciting new book is for school leaders who are interested in transforming their school and district practices. Discussing issues that impact students, teachers within their classrooms, and the larger school community, Formative Assessment Leadership explores how leaders can implement effective professional development and positive change in their schools. Breaking down formative assessment into manageable, understandable parts, the authors provide:

  • An exploration of what formative data-based decision making looks like
  • Scaffolding that enables school leaders to effectively integrate processes into their own school structure
  • Discussion of potential barriers to success and how to overcome these challenges
  • Practical examples that help ground the formative assessment leadership concepts
  • A range of worksheets and templates to help implement formative assessment leadership in your schools
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