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Empowering Struggling Readers

  • Title:Empowering Struggling Readers: Practices for the Middle Grades
  • Author:Leigh Hall, Leslie Burns, Elizabeth Carr Edwards
  • Publication Date:November 2010
  • Grade Level:6-9
  • ISBN:9781609180232
  • Publisher:Guilford

This book provides classroom-tested methods for engaging struggling middle grade readers—even those who appear to have given up—and fostering their success. The emphasis is on constructing respectful, encouraging learning environments that incorporate students' diverse literacies, cultural interests, and prior knowledge and skills into instruction. Chapters outline effective, innovative strategies for instruction and assessment in comprehension, vocabulary, text-based discussion, critical reading, and other core areas. Realistic classroom examples are included throughout, including applications of nontraditional texts. Other useful features include reflection questions at the end of each chapter.

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