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Digital Learning Strategies

  • Title:Digital Learning Strategies: How do I assign and assess 21st century work?
  • Author:Michael Fisher
  • Publication Date:December 2013
  • ISBN:9781416618645
  • Publisher:ASCD

Digital tools bring an entirely new menu of tasks into the classroom. Students can now demonstrate their learning by using apps and online resources to conduct research, solicit feedback, and collaborate with others more effectively than ever before. Digital tools also provide teachers with effective ways to assess student work. Michael Fisher outfits you for this new world by opening your thinking to new possibilities for teaching and engaging 21st century students. Along the way, he provides:

  • Six steps for evaluating when it’s appropriate to assign digital work.
  • Ten examples of how digital tools can improve instructional practice.
  • The primary factors to consider for the assessment of digital work.

Find out how new digital tools can radically improve classroom instruction.


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