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Developing Number Knowledge

  • Title:Developing Number Knowledge: Assessment,Teaching and Intervention with 7-11 year olds
  • Author:Robert J Wright, David Ellemor-Collins, Pamela D Tabor
  • Publication Date:December 2011
  • Grade Level:2-6
  • ISBN:9780857020611
  • Publisher:Sage

Drawing on extensive programs of research, curriculum development, and teacher development, the book offers a coherent, up-to-date approach emphasizing computational fluency and the progressive development of students’ mathematical sophistication. The book is organized in key domains of number instruction, including structuring numbers 1 to 20, knowledge of number words and numerals, conceptual place value, mental computation, written computation methods, fractions, and early algebraic reasoning.

  • Fine-grained progressions of instruction within each domain
  • Detailed descriptions of students’ strategies and difficulties
  • Assessment tasks with notes on students’ responses
  • Classroom-ready instructional activities
  • An accompanying CD with extensive instructional resources

This book is designed for classroom and intervention teachers, special education teachers, and classroom assistants. The book is an invaluable resource for mathematics advisors and coaches, learning support staff, numeracy consultants, curriculum developers, teacher educators, and researchers.

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