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Day by Day

  • Title:Day by Day: Refining Writing Workshop Through 180 Days of Reflective Practice
  • Author:Ruth Ayres, Stacey Shubitz
  • Publication Date:November 2010
  • Grade Level:K-6
  • ISBN:9781571108098
  • Publisher:Stenhouse

Have you ever wanted your own personal writing coach to help improve your teaching of writing? How about two personal writing coaches? In Day by Day, Stacey Shubitz and Ruth Ayres, creators of the popular blog Two Writing Teachers, guide you through the trials and tribulations of a whole year of writing workshop.

Day by Day is organized around six fundamental components of writing workshop -- routines, mini-lessons, choice, mentors, conferring, and assessment. Each component is broken down into ten-day sections. Each section includes a detailed discussion, a challenge that teachers can apply immediately, and questions to help teachers assess the process to see what went right, what went wrong, and, most importantly, why.

Ruth and Stacey also provide daily encouragement, support, practical strategies, tips, advice, and everything you need to run an effective writing workshop that meets the needs of all the different writers in your classroom.

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