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Daily 5 in Kindergarten, The (DVD)

  • Title:The Daily 5 in Kindergarten DVD
  • Author:Joan Moser
  • Publication Date:June 2010
  • Grade Level:K
  • ISBN:9781601550255
  • Publisher:Choice Literacy

Join Joan Moser of "The Sisters" for a visit to her lively kindergarten classroom. You'll see Joan in action as she teaches whole-class lessons, leads small groups, and confers with students during rounds of Daily Five in literacy. The video also includes one round of Daily Five in math, as well as a peek at how the CAFE assessment system is integrated into the daily literacy block. Bonus tracks include an extended classroom tour, explanations of book boxes, and a guide to the "pensieve"--the notebook that houses record-keeping forms and conferring notes.


Author Bio

Gail Boushey and her sister Joan Moser grew up in a small town and farming community with four other siblings. "When we were little, our parents bought a piece of property that included an old, condemned girls' academy. Having a huge, empty, four-story 'playhouse' in our backyard, our days were filled with pretending and playing with our siblings. We each had our own room in this dilapidated building, many of which were classrooms complete with the warped blackboards of old. This imaginative play led to the magical type of 'teaching' only a child could understand. It is no wonder three of our six siblings became teachers!"

"The Sisters," as they are known, continue their magical teaching today, consulting across the nation, and presenting at NCTE, IRA, and state reading conferences. Gail is a literacy coach and Joan is a K-2 multi-age teacher.

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