Curious Man, A

  • Title:A Curious Man: The Strange and Brilliant Life of Robert "Believe It or Not!" Ripley (Paperback)
  • Author:Neal Thompson
  • Publication Date:June 2014
  • ISBN:9780770436223
  • Publisher:Penguin Random House

Robert Ripley's life is the stuff of a classic fairytale. Buck-toothed and cursed by shyness, Ripley turned his sense of being an outsider into an appreciation for the strangeness of the world. After selling his first cartoon to Time magazine at the age of eighteen, more cartooning triumphs followed, but it was his "Believe It or Not" conceit and the wildly popular radio shows it spawned that would make him one of the most successful entertainment figures of his time and spur him to search the globe's farthest corners for bizarre facts, exotic human curiosities, and shocking phenomena.

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