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Culturally Proficient School, The (2/e)

  • Title:The Culturally Proficient School: An Implementation Guide for School Leaders (2/e)
  • Author:Randall Lindsey, Laraine Roberts, Franklin Campbell Jones
  • Publication Date:June 2013
  • Grade Level:PreK-12
  • ISBN:9781452258386
  • Publisher:Corwin Press

The groundbreaking guide to cultural proficiency in schools, updated to meet today’s challenges 

The first edition of The Culturally Proficient School opened new dialogue about diversity and cultural dignity that had an immediate impact on educators, becoming the go-to resource for ideas about how to serve all students equitably.

This second edition incorporates reader feedback and up-to-date research on closing access and achievement gaps, delivering a guide to cultural proficiency that is more relevant, accessible and effective than ever. New content includes:

  • Instructive vignettes that reflect contemporary truths about educational diversity and moral leadership
  • Emphasis on skills development, including the art and science of conversation
  • A conceptual framework that makes clear the first steps to take towards a more culturally proficient school

The face of educational diversity is changing. Now more than ever, this book is the key to mastering the challenges and opportunities it presents.


Author Bio

Randall B. Lindsey, Ph.D. is Emeritus Professor at California State University, Los Angeles. He has a practice centered on educational consulting on issues related to equity and diversity. He is at the point in his career where he is concentrating his efforts on working with schools and districts that demonstrate a sincere desire to improve access and achievement outcomes for all students.

Laraine M. Roberts, EdD, is Senior Research Associate at WestEd in San Francisco. Her work centers on educational leadership, organizational culture, and school and district development and improvement. In addition to leading educational research projects, she designs and facilitates leadership development programs for superintendents, district administrators, and school principals. In all her work, her goal is to influence changes within the structures of schools and the practices of educators that result in meaningful learning experiences and academic success for all students. Her experiences as an educator include classroom teaching, school and district administration, professional development, curriculum development, and university teaching.

Franklin CampbellJones, Ed.D. is the Vice President of CampbellJones & Associates. He consults with school districts assisting them in applying the tenets of cultural proficiency to their policies and practice. Published in scholarly journals, he is co-author of The Culturally Proficient School: An Implementation Guide for School Leaders. Dr. Jones has served as high school teacher; school, district, and state administrator; and college professor. Brenda Campbell Jones and Franklin are co-authors of The Cultural Proficiency Journey: Overcoming Ethical Barriers Toward Profound School Change.

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