Critical Writer, The

  • Title:The Critical Writer: Inquiry and the Writing Process
  • Author:Joyce Armstrong Carroll, Edward Wilson
  • Publication Date:April 2014
  • Grade Level:K-12
  • ISBN:9781610692373
  • Publisher:ABC-Clio

High-quality original writing doesn't happen by accident; it results from a logical, inquiry-based process. Educators will be able to apply the concepts and techniques in this book to help their students master the critical writing process.

Many students tremble at the mere thought of "the dreaded research paper" when in fact the inquiry process that should be applied for a writing project should be an engaging and exciting mental activity. This work explains how teachers and librarians can guide the critical writing process to go hand-in-hand with inquiry and produce logical and carefully honed papers.

The Critical Writer: Inquiry and the Writing Process starts with a general treatment of inquiry to detailed coverage of specific teaching strategies, explaining how critical writers should make the proper emendations during prewriting and while drafting as well as during the revising process. The book presents fresh information and teaching techniques that can be applied by anyone in the field of education with students of any grade level; examples from kindergarten through instructors in teacher training are included.


  • Presents information about one school district's application of—and results from—authors Carroll and Wilson's inquiry-based critical writing schemata throughout the year
  • Combines accessible explanations of pedagogical theory with practical guidance on how to teach the writing process along with the inquiry process
  • Offers information directly related to helping students achieve standards

Sample Topics

  • Concluding Musings
  • Felt Sense
  • Heuristics
  • Historical Perspective
  • Pedagogy Backed by Theory
  • Unconcealment
  • Who is the Critical Writer?
  • Writing as Learning
  • Writing Behavior
  • Writing Process


Author Bio

In her 54-year career, Joyce Armstrong Carroll, Ed.D., H.L.D., has taught every grade level from primary to graduate school. In the past 36 years, she has trained teachers in the teaching of writing as Co-director of the New Jersey Writing Project, then The New Jersey Writing Project in Texas, now Abydos Learning International. A nationally known consultant, she has authored a national textbook program, numerous books and articles for teachers, and poems. With her husband Edward E. Wilson, Dr. Carroll authored Acts of Teaching: How to Teach Writing, now in its 2nd edition, as well as the award-winning Poetry After Lunch: Poems to Read Aloud. She has recently been awarded the Edmund J. Farrell Lifetime Service Award from TCTELA. Dr. Carroll’s mantra is, “If you teach it, they will learn.”

Edward Wilson is co-director of Abydos Literacy Learning. His published works include Acts of Teaching: How to Teach Writing; Brushing Up on Grammar, and Four by Four: Practical Methods for Writing Persuasively. His latest book is The Critical Writer: Inquiry and the Writing Process. Wilson owns Absey & Co., a small publishing company that specializes in teacher idea books.

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