Crafting Expository Argument (5/e)

  • Title:Crafting Expository Argument: Practical Approaches to the Writing Process for Students and Teachers (5/e)
  • Author:Michael Degen
  • Publication Date:August 2012
  • Grade Level:9-12
  • ISBN:9780985384906
  • Publisher:Telemachos Publishing

A text with one primary focus-- teaching universal writing skills -- Crafting Expository Argument is replete with student-written composition models, annotated to demonstrate specific writing techniques. Not only is it the best text of its kind for clearly showing teachers how to weave the teaching of grammar into the writing process, it also provides numerous examples of basic problems in writing encountered by student-writers (weak transitions, details off-topic, organization of evidence, wordiness, poorly-blended textual support, etc.) and demonstrates in each case how to fix them.

Students will learn:

  • how to craft a well-organized essay with precise thesis statement and topic sentences
  • how to elaborate extensively each concrete detail and tie their ideas together with coherent transitions
  • how to create attention-grabbing
    introductions and thoughtful conclusions
  • how to blend their words smoothly with direct quotations
  • how to compose elegant sentences that contain a wide variety of sophisticated grammatical structures
  • how to revise their work for improved quality
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