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Craft of Children's Writing, The (2/e)

  • Title:Craft of Children's Writing, The (2/e)
  • Author:Judith Newman
  • Publication Date:April 2001
  • Grade Level:PreK-3
  • ISBN:9781888842265
  • Publisher:Absey & Co.

While teachers have been told for years to focus and build on what children know, we are so used to looking at written language through conventional eyes that even with the best of intentions to put theory into practice, we continue to see what children don't know.   In this book, Judith Newman has provided an invaluable resource for both teachers and parents by actually showing the reader how to discover what young children (ages two to eight) know about writing.   She uses the children's writing itself to lead us through the process of discovery.   The book is full of samples of writing reproduced in their original form, followed immediately by translations accompanied by Newman's detailed insightful analysis of the content, structure and creative processes evident in each piece of writing.

Devoted to in-service education, Dr. Newman has done considerable work with concerned teachers at all levels of the school system.   Her support for teachers included a series of half-hour videotape programs on reading, many articles and books, including: Finding Our Own Way: Teachers Examine Their Assumptions; Interwoven Conversations: Learning and Teaching Through Critical Reflections; Tensions of Teaching; Beyond Tips to Critical Reflection.   She is currently an educational consultant in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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