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Collaborative Teacher, The

  • Title:The Collaborative Teacher: Working Together as a Professional Learning Community
  • Author:Cassandra Erkens, Chris Jakicic, Lillie Jessie
  • Publication Date:2008
  • Grade Level:K-12
  • ISBN:9781934009369
  • Publisher:Solution Tree

The time of exclusive top-down leadership is over! Only teachers can transform education from inside the classroom, and this book defines best practices of collaborative teacher leadership. Specific techniques, supporting research, expert insight, and real classroom stories illustrate how to work together for student learning, create a guaranteed and viable curriculum, and use data to inform instruction.

  • Cassandra Erkens outlines four roles of the teacher leader: collaborator, action researcher, reflective practitioner, and learner advocate.
  • Susan Sparks provides protocols, rationale, and “talking points” for building productive, focused collaborative teams.
  • Thomas Many investigates what educators say and research reveals on how collaboration leads to profound changes in beliefs, language, and practice.
  • Chris Jakicic shows how to balance a vast amount of content with limited classroom time by collaboratively identifying the essential learnings that each student must acquire.
  • Eric Twadell explains the process of lesson study and then tells an engaging story to show what it looks like in practice.
  • Dennis King illustrates how teachers can take the lead to narrow the gap between the intended and the implemented curriculum.
  • Lillie Jessie uses humor and insight to show that using data to improve learning can move from being a dreaded task to an enthusiastic mission.
  • Ainsley Rose spells out the critical issues and steps in creating common assessments—and their benefits for teachers and students.
  • Sharon Kramer demonstrates how to meet the challenge of learning for all through a collaborative approach to intervention and enrichment.
  • Mary Ann Ranells explores what lies beyond mandated standards of teaching effectiveness—spectacular, joyful teaching.
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