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Closing the RTI Gap

  • Title:Closing the RTI Gap: Why Poverty and Culture Count
  • Author:Donna Walker Tileston
  • Publication Date:2010
  • Grade Level:K-12
  • ISBN:9781935249382
  • Publisher:Solution Tree

Will schools finally close the achievement gaps that exist between the majority of students and those living in poverty or who come from certain cultural backgrounds? Author Donna Walker Tileston clearly identifies the power of response to intervention (RTI) when culture and poverty are essential factors in the planning process.

All children should have equal access to highly qualified teachers, a strong curriculum, and research-based instructional methods. RTI can make that hope a reality. The influence of culture and poverty cannot be overestimated; students facing such hurdles will often experience inequality in education. RTI, when implemented correctly, provides all students the chance they need to succeed. However, RTI is only as strong as the planning and research that go into developing individual school plans.


  • Defines culture and poverty and explains how RTI can close achievement gaps related to these issues
  • Explores why RTI is so important, as well as how to make RTI effective for your school
  • Examines why planning prior to RTI implementation is critical to achieving desired results
  • Reveals common implementation pitfalls to avoid
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