Caught in the Middle (Revised) (2/e)

  • Title:Caught in the Middle: Reading and Writing in the Transition Years (Revised) (2/e)
  • Author:David Booth
  • Publication Date:October 2011
  • Grade Level:6-9
  • ISBN:9781551382654
  • Publisher:Pembroke

Caught in the Middle offers teachers a richly textured picture of the world of middle school students. David Booth describes who middle students are, explains why fostering their voice is important, and discusses how to create a community of literacy partners. He shows teachers how to model writing, incorporate picture books, promote reader engagement and comprehension, interact with student journals, prompt discussion and self-assessment, and more. In addition to his own classroom experiences, David showcases the contributions of remarkable middle school teachers who address a range of topics, including the impact of social media, the effect of the Internet on research, the need for critical literacy, the importance of citizen involvement, and the potential of the school library. Caught in the Middle presents a rich synthesis of insight, experience, and reflection.


Author Bio

David Booth is Coordinator of Elementary Programs at OISE/University of Toronto. For more than 25 years he has worked with teachers in creating, applying, and evaluating approaches to how children learn to read and write. As a classroom teacher, consultant, speaker, and writer he has delighted thousands with his energy, enthusiasm, and commitment.

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