Castle in the Classroom, The

  • Title:Castle in the Classroom, The: Story as a Springboard for Early Literacy
  • Author:Ranu Bhattacharyva
  • Publication Date:October 2010
  • Grade Level:PreK-2
  • ISBN:9781571107701
  • Publisher:Stenhouse

The Castle in the Classroom describes a year in a kindergarten classroom as the children embark on literary exploration. Each child approaches the journey from a different perspective -- some are self-sufficient, others more hesitant; some are literary adventurers, others shyly reluctant. The detailed focus lessons throughout the book use the power of stories -- personal narratives, folktales, and fairy tales -- to deepen the literary experience so that reading and writing become as much a part of kindergarten as playing and pretending are.

As the book progresses through the year, teachers will find a wealth of resources, including practical models to teach strategies and skills; effective teaching schedules; ways to address, challenge, expand, and celebrate student learning; examples of student work; parent education materials; and ideas on how to manage assessment. By the end of the year, your students -- like those in Ranu's class -- will have built on their love of story-telling to establish a strong literacy foundation.


Author Bio

Ranu Bhattacharyya currently teaches at The American International School in Dhaka, Bangladesh. She has earlier taught at The American schools in Japan, New Delhi, Beijing, and at The Brussels English Primary School.

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