Breathe, Stretch, Write

  • Title:Breathe, Stretch, Write: Learning to Write with Everything You've Got
  • Author:Sheree Fitch
  • Publication Date:January 2011
  • Grade Level:K-12
  • ISBN:9781551382562
  • Publisher:Pembroke

The creative exercises in this innovative book use simple movements and yoga principles to boost children's creativity as they write and play with words and ideas. Designed to spark imagination and enhance creativity, the guided exercises and fun-filled suggestions integrate elements of writing with body awareness and physical fitness to create a safe and joyful learning experience. The book is based on workshops the author has led for more than twenty years.

This friendly guide evolved from the author's own experience as a writer and teacher who marveled at how yoga and movement affected the flow of her creative work and the clarity of her writing.Breathe, Stretch, Write supports learning that is cooperative and involves strength, flexibility, and mental discipline. It connects the power of movement with innovative writing exercises that focus on these essential elements:

  • Breathing (Respiration)
  • Doing (Concentration)
  • Being (Inspiration)
  • Writing (Creation)

Today more than ever, students need to move and find ways to be healthier in mind, body, and spirit. This book combines writing and creative exercises with the most basic movements that are easy to incorporate into classroom instruction. Useful and inspiring for teachers and students alike, the book is committed to getting kids to write and play with words and ideas. Breathe, Stretch, Write challenges teachers to refresh, inspire, and commit to finding the fun in learning.


Author Bio

Sheree Fitch is a writer, speaker, educator and author of books in many genres and for all ages. From board books for babies (Kisses Kisses Baby-O!) to award-winning picture books (Sleeping Dragons All Around, Mabel Murple) to young adult fiction (The Gravesavers, Pluto's Ghost) as well as poetry and fiction for adults, Sheree has been a published writer for almost twenty-five years. Awards for her writing include the Mr. Christie Book Award, the Anne Connor Brimer Award, the Hackmatack, the Silver Birch, and the Vicky Metcalf Award for a body of work inspiring to children. She has studied yoga and core fitness programs and is an avid outdoor fresh-air enthusiast.

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