Brain-Compatible Activities for Mathematics, Grades 2-3

  • Title:Brain-Compatible Activities for Mathematics, Grades 2-3
  • Author:David Sousa
  • Publication Date:November 2009
  • Grade Level:2-3
  • ISBN:9781412967853
  • Publisher:Corwin Press

Demonstrating instructional principles discussed in David A. Sousa’s bestseller, How the Brain Learns Mathematics, this resource provides brain-friendly, ready-to-use mathematics lessons for Grades 2–3. Teachers will find step-by-step guidance and all the necessary reproducibles for mathematics instruction that involves group work, reflection, movement, and visualization. Through activities such as Jumping Jelly Beans, Math Hockey, and Treasure Hunt, young learners will enjoy developing skills connected with number patterns and place value, multi-digit addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, fractions, measurement, geometry, and more.

Aligned with NCTM standards and focal points, the instructional strategies enhance motivation and content retention, address individual intelligences, and:

  • Promote writing as an important learning tool
  • Use concrete models to make concepts meaningful
  • Connect mathematical ideas to the real world
  • Incorporate graphic organizers to help students organize their thinking
  • Teach creative problem solving

Deepen and revitalize instruction using Sousa’s proven brain-compatible approach for helping every student develop self-confidence in mathematics!


Author Bio

Dr. David Sousa is an international consultant in educational neuroscience and author of 15 books that suggest ways that educators and parents can translate current brain research into strategies for improving learning. A member of the Cognitive Neuroscience Society, he has conducted workshops in hundreds of school districts on brain research, instructional skills, and science education at the Pre-K to 12 and university levels. He has made presentations to educators at national conventions of educational organizations and to regional and local school districts across the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Asia.

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