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Beyond the Bubble, Grades 4-5

  • Title:Beyond the Bubble, Grades 4-5: How to Use Multiple-Choice Tests to Improve Math Instruction
  • Author:Maryann Wickett, Eunice Hendrix-Martin
  • Publication Date:April 2011
  • Grade Level:4-5
  • ISBN:9781571108180
  • Publisher:Stenhouse

Multiple-choice testing is an educational reality. Rather than complain about the negative impact these tests may have on teaching and learning, why not use them to better understand your students' true mathematical knowledge and comprehension? Maryann Wickett and Eunice Hendrix-Martin show teachers how to move beyond the student's answer -- right or wrong -- to uncover understanding and/or misconceptions. By asking a few simple follow-up questions, teachers can learn a great deal about student understanding and make better, more informed instructional decisions.

The Beyond the Bubble books (also available for grades 2-3) are each divided into five strands -- number, measurement, algebra, geometry, and probability—with six problems per strand. Each problem includes an overview of the objective of the test question, a sample question, typical of those found on standardized tests, strategies students employ to solve the problem, conversation starters, student work, student-teacher conversations, and instructional strategies to advance student learning. Teachers will also find suggestions for differentiation, reproducible of sample questions, and a comprehensive list of additional resources.

With dozens of sample test questions and numerous student samples, Beyond the Bubble shows educators how to use multiple choice tests to provide more purposeful, focused mathematics instruction for all of their students.

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