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Between Worlds (3/e)

  • Title:Between Worlds: Access to Second Language Acquisition (3/e)
  • Author:David Freeman, Yvonne Freeman
  • Publication Date:May 2011
  • Grade Level:K-12
  • ISBN:9780325030883
  • Publisher:Heinemann

In this third edition of Between Worlds: Access to Second Language Acquisition David and Yvonne Freeman have included many of the classroom examples and teacher stories that readers of earlier editions have found invaluable for understanding key concepts for teaching English language learners. They have updated the book and added important features:

  • A comprehensible overview of how people learn as well as how they learn language
  • An introduction to theories of both first and second language acquisition
  • A new, expanded discussion of bilingualism and bilingual education
  • An explanation of how to teach academic language at different levels and appropriately assess students’ academic language proficiency
  • Reading essentials for ELLs including ways to use culturally relevant bilingual books
  • Case studies of different types of English language learners
  • Influences that affect how teachers teach.

Throughout the book, the Freemans focus on factors both in and outside of school that have an impact on teachers and students. They show how teachers can take an intercultural orientation and lead ELLs to academic success. This book is designed to provide preservice and in-service teachers, administrators, and staff developers with the latest research and best practices for working with English language learners.


Author Bio

David Freeman is professor of reading and ESL at the University of Texas at Brownsville where Yvonne Freeman is professor of bilingual education. The Freemans have co-authored a number of books, including Teaching Reading and Writing in Spanish and English, Dual Language Essentials, Closing the Achievement Gap, Essential Linguistics, and Between Worlds.

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