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Barry in a Box (DVD)

  • Title:Barry in a Box: Student Lessons in Revision
  • Author:Barry Lane
  • Publication Date:2002
  • Grade Level:3-8
  • ISBN:9781931492188
  • Publisher:Discover Writing

Revision is not the act of fixing your mistakes or redoing a draft. Real revision involves, re-thinking and re-seeing a piece of writing using the special tools of a writer’s craft to improve your work. Barry Lane’s writing workshops and residences and books have helped thousands of children in all 50 states learn to improve their writing with joy and confidence.

Now you can bring Barry Lane into your class with these 4 videos which teach key concepts of craft to transform both writing and your student’s attitude toward revision. But that’s not all. You also get a free copy of Barry’s best selling Reviser’s Toolbox ($27 value) with an index that tells of pages which support each lesson. Take advantage of this pre-publication special and order today. Let Barry out of the box and into your classroom.


Author Bio

Barry Lane is a writer who teaches writing and the founder of Discover Writing Company, which for the last 20 year has provided professional development in writing and reading for teachers K-12 and beyond. His popular books help aspiring writers of all ages hone their craft and find their unique voices. His presentations are hilarious but underneath the humor there is always the same strong message: Writers write for the same reason readers read--to find out what's going to happen.

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