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Hooked on Meaning (DVD + Study Guide)

  • Title:Hooked on Meaning: Writing Craft Video Lessons That Improve Achievement on Writing Tests Through Authentic Instruction for Students Grades 3-8
  • Author:Barry Lane
  • Publication Date:April 2006
  • Grade Level:3-8
  • ISBN:9781931492195
  • Publisher:Discover Writing

In the aftermath of No Child Left Behind, schools and students are judged and even funded by how well they perform on prompted writing tests. In a questionable attempt to insure success, many schools have adopted formulaic approaches to student writing that drain enthusiasm for writing and cause test scores to plateau at the mediocre level.


What can we do?  Barry Lane has the answer: Get Hooked on Meaning and the craft of real writing. In his DVD/VHS you will find 12 simple lessons teachers can show directly to students, grades 3-8, before the test. This material, and the entertaining way it's presented, will improve both the attitude toward the test and also teach aspects of the writers craft. Composed of short, entertaining three minute segments and simple exercises, and enhanced by a 120 page study guide filled with extra lessons, posters, and overhead-ready examples, Barry Lane's Hooked on Meaning is the perfect tool for incorporating prompted tests into a meaning-based writing program.  Show it directly to your class or use it as a professional development event for your faculty.   


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