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Arabic Practical Dictionary: Arabic-English English-Arabic

  • Title:Arabic Practical Dictionary: Arabic-English English-Arabic
  • Publication Date:January 2004
  • ISBN:9780781810456
  • Publisher:Hippocrene Books

An essential resource for students of Arabic and English alike, this dictionary contains the most up-to- date vocabulary in handy reference form. With more than 18,000 entries, it is especially useful in navigating the growing terminology of politics, telecommunications, technology, the internet, tourism, business and travel.


*Compact and Concise

*Clear language, pronounciation, and grammar for both sides

*Easy-to-read format and practical arrangement of Arabic and English entries

*More than 18,000 total entries

*Arabic provided with romanized transliterations

*English provided with phonetic transliterations

*Ideal for students, scholars, businesspeople, journalists, aid workers, and the military in both English-speaking and Arabic-speaking countries.


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