Airball: My Life in Briefs

  • Title:Airball: My Life in Briefs
  • Author:L. D. Harkrader (Author)
  • Publication Date:March 2008
  • ISBN:9780312373825
  • Publisher:MPS

Kirby Nickel loves basketball. The only problem is he can't "play" basketball. But when an opportunity to meet NBA star Brett McGrew comes up, Kirby knows he has to take a chance and try out for the basketball team. Getting on the team turns out to be easy--the rest of the boys are as supremely untalented as Kirby--but winning in order to be eligible to meet McGrew is a whole different problem. Different and embarrassing. The coach's radical new plan for success involves the boys playing in their underwear. But if this crazy idea works, Kirby will get to meet his hero--who he secretly also hopes is his long-lost father.

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