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Acts of Teaching (2/e)

  • Title:Acts of Teaching: How to Teach Writing (2/e)
  • Author:Joyce Armstrong Carroll, Edward E. Wilson
  • Publication Date:August 2008
  • Grade Level:K-12
  • ISBN:9781591585176
  • Publisher:ABC-Clio

Comprehensive, innovative, and practical, this text offers educators a powerful approach to teaching writing by focusing on engaging students in grappling with words and experiences to make meaning.

This updated text focuses on educating teachers with unique ways to engage students in the activity of learning to write....Chapters on how to shape student writing, assess writing, edit paragraphs, publish, and write collaboratively give teachers a broad spectrum of writing knowledge. The book's second half elaborates on the growth and development of the brain as it pertains to learning in adolescents, cognitive theories of learning, and connecting with the writer through reading and research....The samples of student writing and examples of teacher moderated exercises will be a welcome assistance to first time teachers whether it is elementary or middle school.


Author Bio

In her 54-year career, Joyce Armstrong Carroll, Ed.D., H.L.D., has taught every grade level from primary to graduate school. In the past 36 years, she has trained teachers in the teaching of writing as Co-director of the New Jersey Writing Project, then The New Jersey Writing Project in Texas, now Abydos Learning International. A nationally known consultant, she has authored a national textbook program, numerous books and articles for teachers, and poems. With her husband Edward E. Wilson, Dr. Carroll authored Acts of Teaching: How to Teach Writing, now in its 2nd edition, as well as the award-winning Poetry After Lunch: Poems to Read Aloud. She has recently been awarded the Edmund J. Farrell Lifetime Service Award from TCTELA. Dr. Carroll’s mantra is, “If you teach it, they will learn.”

Edward Wilson is co-director of Abydos Literacy Learning. His published works include Acts of Teaching: How to Teach Writing; Brushing Up on Grammar, and Four by Four: Practical Methods for Writing Persuasively. His latest book is The Critical Writer: Inquiry and the Writing Process. Wilson owns Absey & Co., a small publishing company that specializes in teacher idea books.
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