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Active Algebra

  • Title:Active Algebra: Strategies and Lessons for Successfully Teaching Linear Relationships, Grades 7-10
  • Author:Dan Brutlag
  • Publication Date:2009
  • Grade Level:7-12
  • ISBN:9781935099055
  • Publisher:Math Solutions

Based on recent research on the adolescent brain, Active Algebra presents a living, working example of how teachers can use active learning techniques to make linear relationships more meaningful for students. In addition to the 10 reproducible, sequenced lessons, this award-winning resource offers seven chapters of guidance in teaching algebra. It offers comprehensive coverage of

  • active learning strategies,
  • mental math,
  • student presentations,
  • graphing calculators,
  • classroom management and discipline,
  • authentic classroom experiences,
  • and brain research and mathematics.

It also provides connections to NCTM’s Principles and Standards for School Mathematics.

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