Practical Guide to Mental Health & Learning Disorders for Every Educator, A

  • Title:Practical Guide to Mental Health & Learning Disorders for Every Educator, A : How to Recognize, Understand, and Help Challenged (and Challenging) Students Succeed
  • Author:Myles Cooley
  • Publication Date:October 2018
  • ISBN:9781631981760
  • Publisher:Free Spirit Publishing

Covering topics including PTSD, bipolar disorder, autism spectrum disorder, and many others, this accessible, ready-to-use reference explains how each disorder or difficulty might be exhibited in the classroom and offers straightforward suggestions for what to do (and what not to do). Using clear, jargon-free language, the book helps all educators—whether in inclusive classrooms, general education settings, or other environments—recognize mental health issues and learning disabilities that are often observed in students. Fully revised and updated to correspond to the DSM-5, this edition addresses newly diagnosed disorders, as well as incorporating the latest research and interventions for existing disorders. The book also includes current information about educational practices such as creating a culturally responsive classroom and supporting students’ social-emotional learning.

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