Leader’s Guide to The Struggle to Be Strong, A

  • Title:Leader’s Guide to The Struggle to Be Strong, A : How to Foster Resilience in Teens
  • Author:Sybil Wolin
    Al Desetta
    Keith Hefner
  • Publication Date:August 2019
  • ISBN:9781631984631
  • Publisher:Free Spirit Publishing
Designed for use with the anthology The Struggle to Be Strong, this leader’s guide explains how to use the stories in the student book to build teens’ resiliency. Activities, exercises, role plays, and questions about the issues in The Struggle to Be Strong help students go deeper into the stories, reflect on them, relate them to their lives, recognize their own potential for resilience, and start building resilience skills.

Introductory materials offer guidelines for group leadership and provide leaders with more information about the seven resiliencies:
  • insight
  • independence
  • relationships
  • initiative
  • creativity
  • humor
  • morality
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