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7 Steps to Success in Dual Language Immersion

  • Title:7 Steps to Success in Dual Language Immersion: A Brief Guide for Teachers and Administrators
  • Author:Lore Carrera-Carrillo, Annette Rickert Smith
  • Publication Date:October 2006
  • Grade Level:K-5
  • ISBN:9780325009926
  • Publisher:Heinemann

Dual language immersion is one of the most important movements in second language education today. But many teachers, administrators, and policy makers have questions. How is it different from traditional second language instruction? What does it look like? What are its goals? And most important: How is it implemented?

In 7 Steps to Success in Dual Language Immersion, you’ll find answers to these broad questions. You’ll also discover a blueprint for implementation and instruction at the K–5 level that works. Lore Carrera–Carrillo and Annette Rickert Smith describe a step-by-step, start-to-finish model for teaching across the content areas in two languages. They guide you through all of the seven key steps, including:

     •creating a program overview

     •organizing classroom space

     •planning instruction

     •using exemplary teaching methods

     •teaching through hands-on activities

     •supporting instruction and accountability through assessment

     •building community support

In addition, they show you how exemplary programs work, and their instructional plan includes familiar formats such as balanced literacy, integrated thematic instruction, hands-on math and science lessons, and cooperative learning. Their ideas and resources will also help you secure the support of parents and community members whose help is vital to the long-term success of any two-way initiative.

If you are moving from a single language to a dual language setting, or if you want to better understand the bi-literate setting you’re in, read 7 Steps to Success in Dual Language Immersion. You’ll get the practical, proven support you need to help students achieve in any language.

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