51 Wacky We-Search Reports

  • Title:51 Wacky We-Search Reports: Face the Facts with Fun
  • Author:Barry Lane
  • Publication Date:October 2003
  • Grade Level:4-12
  • ISBN:9780965657464
  • Publisher:Discover Writing

Are you sick of writing research papers that put you and your audience asleep?   Do you groan at the thought of a research trip to the library?  Has your internet search engine blown a gasket?  Do you wish there were a cool way to write research papers that both informed and entertained the reader like your favorite non-fiction books do? Are you lonely? Do you need a laugh?  Do you want to learn how to make even your teacher laugh?

You're in luck, help has arrived.

51 Wacky We-search Reports will teach you how to hunt for the best facts and turn them into cartoons, parody performances, jokes, wacky poetry and much, much more.  And a We-search report is one that you do with friends so you won’t ever feel alone again. Promise.

Here are just a few of the silly reports you will learn how to write.

  • World’s Thinnest books (A Guide to Vegetarian Living by T. Rex)
  • Wacky Trading Cards ( I’ll trade you a Julius Caesar for an amoeba)
  • Crazy Quotes (“One small step for man, oops, I think I just got a wedgie.”
  • New Dollar Bills (got any I Have a Dream dollars?)
  • Tacky Tabloids (Mama Wolves Barf for Babies))
  • The After-Life Institute (take an 8 week mini-course with Alexander the Great)
  • The Wacky Board Game (care to play Gandhi-land anyone.)
  • Wacky Tests (Is Your Uncle an Inca? Take this simple test)
  • The Recipe Poem (Suffragette Soufflé anyone?)

Author Bio

Barry Lane is a writer who teaches writing and the founder of Discover Writing Company, which for the last 20 year has provided professional development in writing and reading for teachers K-12 and beyond. His popular books help aspiring writers of all ages hone their craft and find their unique voices. His presentations are hilarious but underneath the humor there is always the same strong message: Writers write for the same reason readers read--to find out what's going to happen.

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