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101 Poems for Teachers

  • Title:101 Poems for Teachers
  • Author:Annette Breaux
  • Publication Date:2009
  • Grade Level:K-12
  • ISBN:9781596671461
  • Publisher:Eye on Education

One of the most sought-after and dynamic speakers in education, Annette Breaux has inspired audiences of teachers and administrators across the country. She has incorporated each of her presentations with her heartwarming original poetry. This collection brings together 101 of Breaux's poems, from which teachers and school staff can draw continued motivation and enjoyment.

I Teach
I light a spark in a darkened soul
I warm the heart of one grown cold
I look beyond and see within
Behind the face, beneath the skin
I quench a thirst, I soothe a pain
I provide the food that will sustain
I touch, I love, I laugh, I cry
Whatever is needed, I supply
Yet more than I give, I gain from each
I am most richly blessed--I teach!
--Annette Breaux


Author Bio

Annette Breaux is one of the most entertaining and informative authors and speakers in education today. She leaves her audiences with practical techniques to implement in their classrooms immediately. Teachers who have read Annette’s writings or heard Annette speak agree that they come away with user-friendly information, heartfelt inspiration, and a much-needed reminder that theirs is the most noble of all professions - teaching.

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